Stan Malcolm

Eastern Connecticut photographer Stan Malcolm focuses on the natural world. He finds the extraordinary in objects and places we often overlook.

Stan's photography has earned several first place awards and the people's choice honor in annual Connecticut Audubon Society competitions.

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection has honored Stan with a Green Circle Award for his multi-year project documenting the Air Line Rail Trail.

His "Along the Air Line…" web site has been honored for the best use of photography in a trail-related site. The site,, offers over 4,000 photos of natural subjects along the trail, taken in all seasons since Fall 2001.

Stan's nature photography has been featured in the Hartford Courant and several regional publications, and he has been interviewed on WFCR Public Radio's "Field Notes". A number of his photos have been chosen to appear in field identification guidebooks and a science textbook, or have been published in scientific journals.




Stan received his Doctorate in Systematics and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Connecticut. Prior to that he served as a Captain in the US Army in the role of Medical Entomologist - first in Korea and later at Fort Knox, Kentucky. His MS degree in Entomology was from the University of Maine, and his undergraduate degree in Biology was from the City College of New York. His research interest was in the Hydrophiloidea, a worldwide group of aquatic and semi-aquatic beetles. In publications, he has described several new species and genera, and has had a species named in his honor.